My Dinner Story

Hello and Welcome to a Dinner Story or more appropriately My Dinner Story.  This is my journey through health, wellness, happiness and motherhood one bite at a time.  This is an outlet to share my experience with food and how it pertains to literally everything in my life: happiness, wellness, disease, immune system, exercise and brain function.  This all started in 2012 when my husband joined a cross fit gym and participated in a Paleo Challenge after New Years.  I just found out I was pregnant with our second bambino and while I was gaining weight my husband was losing weight and learning the importance of “We are what we eat”.

After 30 days, and winning the Paleo challenge at his CrossFit gym, he found that he felt better .  His food allergies had suddenly disappeared and to this day it is a mystery. we have ideas of why but there is no medical explanation.  Before this diet my husband had a difficult time eating certain fruits and nuts.  His throat would become itchy after consuming.  It was a no brainer for him……….he stopped eating processed food and dairy.

I was pregnant and craving carbs so I did not hop on that train until my son was born.  The birth of my son brought on sleepless nights and regular newborn baby, run of the mill life changes.  We were lucky to have a healthy baby, frustrated that he was colicky.  He had horrible acid reflux and just couldn’t sleep.  My pediatrician recommended the elimination diet so I started eliminating dairy and soy. Whey is a form of dairy and in everything.   I started eating Paleo not by choice but by necessity.  My son felt better and so did I.   I had heachaes and stomach issues for as long as I could remember and with this diet/lifestyle change all of that went away.

I want to clarify that this was not easy to do.  I had to change the way I shopped at the grocery store and the way I looked at food.  Luckily during that time Paleo was HOT!  There were bloggers that were young and loved food and health who helped me through this process.  Their recipes were lifesavers.  I found what I should store in my cabinets, that I could still eat dessert, and how to cook really great food without sugar, flour and cheese.  Paleomg, Paleorunningmomma, FedandFit and BalancedBites are just a few of my favorites for resources and recipes.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and was down for the count.  I was lucky enough to get the antibiotics and I began feeling better within days.  I had a couple of relapses that year that were challenging for my family and myself.  I will also talk about how my lifestyle change with food helped me recover faster.

I look forward to sharing my food, fashion and mommy adventures with you all each week.




Spring Time Staples

Spring time is a great time to Spring Clean the house as well as your closet.  I absolutely love fashion.  I used to subscribe to magazines and read them cover to cover just to look at all the beautiful and unique pieces for each season.  Now that I have four kids and am primarily in the car or in the park, I find myself shopping for looks that help me look put together, comfortable and at times trendy.

The best way to do this is to accessorize.  The earring and bracelet trends are some of my favorite this Spring and are a nice addition to my t-shirt and jean uniform.  I have 5 pieces I’m sharing from the Loft that are comfy and are great transition pieces for whenever it gets warm:)

Both of these earrings are just plain fun and will dress up any pair of jeans or even a dress.  The white I will wear a lot, especially when I’m tan.  They are so pretty on.  The second pair are a little wild but when I saw them I had to have them.  Drinks on a patio or even a BBQ these are adorable.



I’m into the layered bracelet look right now.  Again I think when I’m tan the gold will really pop.  The Loft has a ton of different types of bangles, wrapped and even beaded braclets for the layered look.  They also always have a sale jewelry section with great selections.

The Chanel Jacket, or at least that is what I nicknamed it.  This is classic and will go with any and everything.  The pink tweed is beautiful and  will be great to throw on while it’s still chilly out.

The eyelet sleeveless shirt and pale pink puffed sleeved shirt.  I love the eyelet white with jeans and my jean skirt.  The pink shirt I wore with a tulle skirt to a Sunday wedding and I wore it the next weekend with jeans and mules.  I’m going to link all the pieces I bought below.  What staples are you adding to your closet this Spring?

Happy Spring Cleaning,


Cooking Yummy Dinners for Kids

Happy First week of May!  I wish I could say it felt like spring, but alas it is still cold and rainy here.  I’m hoping the sunshine pops her head this Saturday to say hello!  I was listening to the radio on my way to pre-school and I was chuckling as Matty compared (us) to Moles because it so dark, and rainy everyday.  Ok enough about weather and on to something more positive.

I love to cook and really take pride in planning out my week of meals.  With that said my kids are like every other kid in America…..they are picky and they All never like a meal.  If I get 2 out of 3 kiddos on board it’s a win!  I have 2 meals that I made last week that were 3 out of 3 and really easy. first is a Bacon Burger Bowl by Paleorunningmomma.  If you have not visited this site you shIMG_0136ould.  Everything I make of hers is delicious.  She has three kids and you can tell by the variety of recipes on her blog that are family/kid friendly.  This Burger Bowl worked because the kids could make it themselves, aka dump the ingredients in their bowls.  It was easy to follow and had a dairy free ranch that my daughter loved! I will absolutely make this one again. Here is the link for recipe:


My second recipe is from Paleomg and it is Pizza Fries.  This recipe calls for an air fryer and I’m sure you could bake the fries but honestly the air fryer made this recipe.  The potatoes are perfectly cooked.  You then just put pizza sauce, Italian sausage, peppeIMG_0139roni and I used Manchego Cheese on top.  Place under a broiler and ta-dah…..dinner.  I had my doubts about this one but everyone enjoyed it.  Here is the link for recipe:

I hope you try this and visit the blogs I mentioned.  There are so many easy and yummy meals to help nourish your kids and family.  These are great because they don’t take that much time.  Let me know what you think!



Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate Some More!

For some reason hydrating is dIMG_0133ifficult for me.  I can’t for the life of me understand why I have trouble drinking water, but I do.  After last week, with my kids on spring break, anniversary drinks, birthday cake and Easter I’m feeling run down.  I’m having trouble sleeping and just getting through the day.  My coffee is not the motor I need it to be so I’m trying something different.

I’m not sure if it is the rainy, damp weather but I need to be sipping something hot.  My choice is hot water with lemon.  It’s hitting the spot and I feel like I’m drinking more water throughout the day.  It’s also allergy season so it helps my throat and all around it’s just calming when everything seems chaotic in my house.

I’m hoping that with a week of less sugar and more hot lemon water my body will start to feel balanced.  I also started the 21 Day Fix yesterday, Monday.  I’ve done this program before and what I absolutely love about it is it is 30 minutes long.  It is enough time to get a hard work in at home with my kids there.  They can occupy themselves for 30 and I can move the baby around if he starts to get fussy.  I’m hoping to start 80 Day Obsession with Autumn Calabrese but hour work outs were too much right now.  I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes:)

Have a great Tuesday! Continue reading “Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate Some More!”

Open Heart

I begin this journey with an Open Heart.  I am a wife and mother of 4 beautiful, and spirited children.  I hope to pass on my love for life, food and health to them all.  I live by the saying that God only gives you what you can handle and through the hilarious, joyous and when life just brings me to my knees I remember this.  It serves as a beacon of light for me and has allowed me to stay grounded, and happy through every rollercoaster of emotion.

I hope on this blog to share my passion for health. Healthy eating and lifestyle has become a hobby, and at times an obsession for me.  It all started with the birth of my son.  He was colic….what does that mean anyway?  He screamed all day and night and it was heartbreaking and frustrating.  I started eliminating things from my diet, the usual suspects if you will: dairy, soy and gluten.  I found that I felt better, less groggy, more energized and I slept better.  My stomach felt better and my skin cleared up.  My husband started “eating clean” during a Paleo challenge at his Cross fit Gym.  His results were overwhelming unbelievable as well.  His allergies to nuts and certain foods were gone.

We both started looking at what we were eating and ingredients on the foods we were consuming, and it was disappointing and scary.  I’m going on my fifth year eating clean and trying to live “clean”  with a family/kids is tough, but I believe worth it in the long run.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have snack attacks and eat things that aren’t clean from time to time either.  I try to have a balance and I’m excited to share how I have found my sweet spot in the kitchen, and day to day with clean eating, exercise, cleaning and beauty products.  I hope you all enjoy the ride as well