My Dinner Story

Hello and Welcome to a Dinner Story or more appropriately My Dinner Story.  This is my journey through health, wellness, happiness and motherhood one bite at a time.  This is an outlet to share my experience with food and how it pertains to literally everything in my life: happiness, wellness, disease, immune system, exercise and brain function.  This all started in 2012 when my husband joined a cross fit gym and participated in a Paleo Challenge after New Years.  I just found out I was pregnant with our second bambino and while I was gaining weight my husband was losing weight and learning the importance of “We are what we eat”.

After 30 days, and winning the Paleo challenge at his CrossFit gym, he found that he felt better .  His food allergies had suddenly disappeared and to this day it is a mystery. we have ideas of why but there is no medical explanation.  Before this diet my husband had a difficult time eating certain fruits and nuts.  His throat would become itchy after consuming.  It was a no brainer for him……….he stopped eating processed food and dairy.

I was pregnant and craving carbs so I did not hop on that train until my son was born.  The birth of my son brought on sleepless nights and regular newborn baby, run of the mill life changes.  We were lucky to have a healthy baby, frustrated that he was colicky.  He had horrible acid reflux and just couldn’t sleep.  My pediatrician recommended the elimination diet so I started eliminating dairy and soy. Whey is a form of dairy and in everything.   I started eating Paleo not by choice but by necessity.  My son felt better and so did I.   I had heachaes and stomach issues for as long as I could remember and with this diet/lifestyle change all of that went away.

I want to clarify that this was not easy to do.  I had to change the way I shopped at the grocery store and the way I looked at food.  Luckily during that time Paleo was HOT!  There were bloggers that were young and loved food and health who helped me through this process.  Their recipes were lifesavers.  I found what I should store in my cabinets, that I could still eat dessert, and how to cook really great food without sugar, flour and cheese.  Paleomg, Paleorunningmomma, FedandFit and BalancedBites are just a few of my favorites for resources and recipes.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and was down for the count.  I was lucky enough to get the antibiotics and I began feeling better within days.  I had a couple of relapses that year that were challenging for my family and myself.  I will also talk about how my lifestyle change with food helped me recover faster.

I look forward to sharing my food, fashion and mommy adventures with you all each week.




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