Open Heart

I begin this journey with an Open Heart.  I am a wife and mother of 4 beautiful, and spirited children.  I hope to pass on my love for life, food and health to them all.  I live by the saying that God only gives you what you can handle and through the hilarious, joyous and when life just brings me to my knees I remember this.  It serves as a beacon of light for me and has allowed me to stay grounded, and happy through every rollercoaster of emotion.

I hope on this blog to share my passion for health. Healthy eating and lifestyle has become a hobby, and at times an obsession for me.  It all started with the birth of my son.  He was colic….what does that mean anyway?  He screamed all day and night and it was heartbreaking and frustrating.  I started eliminating things from my diet, the usual suspects if you will: dairy, soy and gluten.  I found that I felt better, less groggy, more energized and I slept better.  My stomach felt better and my skin cleared up.  My husband started “eating clean” during a Paleo challenge at his Cross fit Gym.  His results were overwhelming unbelievable as well.  His allergies to nuts and certain foods were gone.

We both started looking at what we were eating and ingredients on the foods we were consuming, and it was disappointing and scary.  I’m going on my fifth year eating clean and trying to live “clean”  with a family/kids is tough, but I believe worth it in the long run.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have snack attacks and eat things that aren’t clean from time to time either.  I try to have a balance and I’m excited to share how I have found my sweet spot in the kitchen, and day to day with clean eating, exercise, cleaning and beauty products.  I hope you all enjoy the ride as well


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