Cooking Yummy Dinners for Kids

Happy First week of May!  I wish I could say it felt like spring, but alas it is still cold and rainy here.  I’m hoping the sunshine pops her head this Saturday to say hello!  I was listening to the radio on my way to pre-school and I was chuckling as Matty compared (us) to Moles because it so dark, and rainy everyday.  Ok enough about weather and on to something more positive.

I love to cook and really take pride in planning out my week of meals.  With that said my kids are like every other kid in America…..they are picky and they All never like a meal.  If I get 2 out of 3 kiddos on board it’s a win!  I have 2 meals that I made last week that were 3 out of 3 and really easy. first is a Bacon Burger Bowl by Paleorunningmomma.  If you have not visited this site you shIMG_0136ould.  Everything I make of hers is delicious.  She has three kids and you can tell by the variety of recipes on her blog that are family/kid friendly.  This Burger Bowl worked because the kids could make it themselves, aka dump the ingredients in their bowls.  It was easy to follow and had a dairy free ranch that my daughter loved! I will absolutely make this one again. Here is the link for recipe:


My second recipe is from Paleomg and it is Pizza Fries.  This recipe calls for an air fryer and I’m sure you could bake the fries but honestly the air fryer made this recipe.  The potatoes are perfectly cooked.  You then just put pizza sauce, Italian sausage, peppeIMG_0139roni and I used Manchego Cheese on top.  Place under a broiler and ta-dah…..dinner.  I had my doubts about this one but everyone enjoyed it.  Here is the link for recipe:

I hope you try this and visit the blogs I mentioned.  There are so many easy and yummy meals to help nourish your kids and family.  These are great because they don’t take that much time.  Let me know what you think!



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